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General Education Curriculum

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Wellness - CHOICES for Living

2 hours

Each student must complete a CHOICES I and CHOICES II class as part of the General Education Curriculum.

This requirement recognizes that education should also serve to enhance the physical and mental well-being of students at SMU. The Department of Wellness aims to provide leadership and facilities for helping students become more aware of the comprehensive nature of wellness; to identify personal relationships with wellness; to provide techniques to help students respond positively to any imbalances in their lifestyle; to familiarize students with campus wellness facilities, equipment, and services; to promote a lifetime of physical fitness; to promote the learning of a lifetime physical activity; and to provide opportunities and promote action in a variety of wellness areas.

The list of Wellness courses offered per term can be accessed at (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).

Please visit for more information!

The list of Wellness courses offered per term can be accessed at (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).

Please visit for more information!


Designed to be taken during a student’s first year, CHOICES I classes (PRW 1101) are part of the General Education Curriculum and, therefore, are required for graduation. The class is called Concepts of Wellness, and students are introduced to a broad range of personal experiences with the seven elements of wellness (social, physical, environmental, occupational, intellectual, emotional and spiritual), which the CHOICES for Living program addresses. Interaction occurs in a relaxed, small group environment that features a series of lectures, discussions, personal assessments and other action-oriented activities. Registrants are also expected to complete approximately four hours of out-of-class experiences under the guidance of their instructor.

PRW 1101 Choices I: Concepts of Wellness


Designed to be taken during a student’s second year, successful completion of a CHOICES II class is a requirement for graduation. A variety of physical activity offerings are made available each semester. Students are guided in a fun, nurturing environment through the skills, rules and competition of a given activity with the primary objective to increase the likelihood of participating in the activity for a lifetime.

NOTE: GEC students may not use PRW2 courses to satisfy the CHOICES II requirement.

A special fee is charged to help defray the extra cost involved in some CHOICES II classes:

Fencing ($90)
Golf ($150)
Scuba ($175)
Mountain Sports (Taos Campus $475)
Beginning Marathon Training ($75)
Rock Climbing ($50)
Spinning ($10)

WELL 2109 Bench Aerobics

WELL 2110 Jogging

WELL 2111 Weight Training

WELL 2112 Weight Training for Women

WELL 2113 Individual Fitness

WELL 2114 Walking

WELL 2115 Beginning Triathlon

WELL 2116 Beginning Marathon Training

WELL 2117 Spinning

WELL 2118 Group Fitness

WELL 2119 Pilates

WELL 2122 Rock Climbing

WELL 2125 Intermediate Triathlon

WELL 2129 Golf

WELL 2131 Mountain Sports (SMU-in-Taos)

WELL 2132 Racquetball

WELL 2135 Table Tennis

WELL 2136 Tennis

WELL 2139 Fly-Fishing (SMU-in-Taos)

WELL 2140 Badminton

WELL 2141 Swimming

WELL 2142 Ballroom and Folk Dance

WELL 2144 Scuba Diving

WELL 2145 Beginning Swimming

WELL 2146 Lifeguard Training Today

WELL 2147 Power Yoga

WELL 2148 Aikido

WELL 2149 Karate

WELL 2150 Judo

WELL 2151 Self-Defense

WELL 2153 Fencing

WELL 2161 Basketball

WELL 2170 Volunteer Activities

WELL 2190-2191 Wellness Practicum

WELL 3144 Advanced Scuba