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General Education Curriculum

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Science and Technology

6 hours

In today’s world, students should be aware of the meaning and methods of science and technology, and the ways that both have shaped the world around us. To assure that this is the case, students must take two courses in Science and Technology; at least one must be in the field of biology, chemistry, geological sciences, physics, or CEE 1331, and no more than one may be from the other Science and Technology category, as designated below. Each course must include a minimum of four contact hours per week, at least one of which must be a lab.

The list of science and technology courses offered per term can be accessed at (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).


Fields of Biology/Chemistry/Geological Sciences/Physics Courses

Three to six (3-6) term hours required


BIOL 1303 Essentials of Biology

BIOL 1304 Essentials of Biology

BIOL 1305 Our Natural Environment

BIOL 1308 Plant Biology

BIOL 1310 Aquatic Biology

BIOL 1401 Introductory Biology

BIOL 1402 Introductory Biology

CHEM 1301 Chemistry for the Liberal Arts

CHEM 1303/1113 General Chemistry

CHEM 1304/1114 General Chemistry

GEOL 1301 Earth Systems

GEOL 1305 Oceanography

GEOL 1307 The Solar System

GEOL 1308 Evolution and Life History

GEOL 1313 Earthquakes and Volcanoes

GEOL 1315 Introduction to Environmental Sciences

GEOL 2320 Southwestern Environment

CEE    1331 Meteorology

PHYS 1301 The Ideas of Modern Physics

PHYS 1311 Elements of Astronomy

PHYS 1313 Fundamentals of Physics

PHYS 1314 The Physical Perspective

PHYS 1320 Musical Acoustics

PHYS 1303/1105 Introductory Mechanics

PHYS 1304/1106 Introductory Electricity and Magnetism

PHYS 1307/1105 General Physics

   PHYS 1308/1106 General Physics


Other Science/Technology Courses

Zero to three (0-3) term hours required


ANTH 2315 Human Evolution:  Biological and Social Beginnings of Humankind

ANTH 2363 The Science of Our Past: An Introduction to Archaeology

CSE 1331 Introduction to Web Programming

EE 1301 Modern Electronic Technology

EE 1382 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

CEE 1301 Environment and Technology: Ecology and Ethics

CEE 1378 Transportation Infrastructure

ME 1301 Machines and Society

ME 1302 Introduction to Engineering

ME 1303 Energy, Technology, and the Environment