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General Education Curriculum

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Human Diversity Co-Curricular Requirement (3 term hours)

3 hours

One Human Diversity Co-Curricular course (3 term hours) dealing with non-western and/or race-, ethnicity- or gender-related issues must be completed by every graduating student. This requirement may be satisfied by any course within the university’s undergraduate curriculum, including courses in the Perspectives and Cultural Formations components, as long as that offering is designated as a Human Diversity course.  Throughout the Perspectives or Cultural Formations sections of this booklet, any course marked with an asterisk is one that will satisfy the Human Diversity requirement. In addition, a wide offering of elective courses is available and listed below which meet this co-curricular requirement.

Descriptions of each course can be found in the current undergraduate catalog (or in the Cultural Formations section of this site, if the elective is co-listed with a CF course).  The complete list of Human Diversity courses offered can be accessed on the course listing document for each academic term.

The list of perspective courses offered per term can be accessed at  (click on “View Schedule of Classes”).  Please note that section numbers beginning with the number 5 denote courses taught in the SMU Abroad Program.  Likewise, section numbers that begin with the number 9 represent courses taught at SMU-in-Taos.)

Human Diversity Courses:

ANTH 2321 Dawn of Wisdom:  Ancient Creation Stories from Four Civilizations (CFA 3301/CLAS 2321/ENGL 2371)
ANTH 2331
The Formation of Institutions: Roots of Society (CFA 3331)
ANTH 3300
Race, Gender and Culture in the African Diaspora (CF 3300)
ANTH 3301
Health, Healing and Ethics: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Sickness & Society (CFB 3301, SOCI  3301)
ANTH 3310
Gender and Sex Roles: A Global Perspective (CFB 3310)
ANTH 3315
Origins of Civilization
ANTH 3327 Economic and Political Change in Global Society (CF 3319)
ANTH 3333
The Immigrant Experience (CFA 3316)
ANTH 3336
Gender and Globalization: Cultural and Ethical Issues (CFA 3336)
ANTH 3350
Good Eats and Forbidden Flesh: culture, Food, and the Global Grocery Market (CFA 3350)
ANTH 3358
Indians of the Southwest from the 16PPth Century to the Present (CFA 3358)
ANTH 3365
The Rise and Fall of Superpowers:  The Dynamics and Ethics of Empire (CFA 3365)
ANTH 3366 Urban Life: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 3368 Urban Life: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 3376 Caribbean Transformations
ANTH 3384
Paradise Lost?  The Archaeology and Ethics of Human Environmental Impacts (CFA 3384)
ANTH 3390
The Plundered Past: Archaeology’s Challenges in the Modern World (CFB 3390)
ANTH 3399
In Search of Ice Age Americans (CFA 3399)
ANTH 4309
Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, and Nation States
ARHS 1338 Chicano Art and the Politics of Place
ARHS 3321 Age of the Crusades: Power and Piety in the Ancient and Medieval Near East
ARHS 3358 Women in the Visual Arts, Both Sides of the Easel
ARHS 3363 Carnival and Beyond: Brazilian Art & Architecture (CFB 3343)
ARHS 3365
Arts of Pre-Colombian Middle America                      
ARHS 3377
Art and Architect of Hispanic New Mexico (CF 3375)
ARHS 3380
Native American Art:  The Southwest Tradition
ARHS 3381 American Indian and Eskimo Art
ARHS 3390 Traditional Arts of Africa
ARHS 3392 Islamic Art and Architecture: The Creation of a New Art (CFA 3313)
ARHS 4300
Calligraphy and Culture (CFA 3300)
ARHS 4371
Modern Myth-Making: Studies in the Manipulation of Imagery (CF 3381, WGST 3381)
CLAS 2321
Dawn of Wisdom:  Ancient Creation Stories from Four Civilizations (CFA 3301/ANTH 2321/ENGL 2371)
CLAS 2332
Society Expanding:  Polis and Empire (CFA 3332)
COMM 3302
Ethno-Violence: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (CFB 3350)
COMM 3341
Ethnicity, Culture and Communication (CFB 3341)
COMM 3342
The Construction of Social Identity and Critical Theory in Post Colonial Settings
ENGL 2371 Dawn of Wisdom:  Ancient Creation Stories from Four Civilizations (CFA 3301/ANTH 2321/CLAS 2321)
ENGL 3359
American Narratives of Discovery (CF 3359)
ENGL 3364 Women and the Southwest (CF 3370, WGST 3370)
ENGL 3365
Jewish-American Literature (CF 3398)
ENGL 3371
Joan of Arc: History, Literature and Film (CF 3363, HIST 3357)
ENGL 3379
Literary and Cultural Contexts of Disability:  Gender, Care, and Justice (CFA 3379)
ETST 2301 Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. (CFA 3310, SOCI 3305)
ETST 2305
Internship in Ethnic Studies
FILM 2360 The Black Experience in Cinema
FILM 2362 Diversity and American Film: Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality (CFA 3362)
FREN 4376
Introduction to Francophone Cultures
FREN 5344 Literary Movements:  Introduction to Francophone Literatures (Africa, Caribbean)
FREN 5350 Problems in French Literature: Women in Francophone Literature and Film, 1950-Present
HIST 2323 Russian Culture (CFA 3320, WL 3323)
HIST 2379
A History of Islamic Empires
HIST 2380 Ethnic Regions in the “Western World” (CFA 3380)
HIST 2384
Colonial Latin America (CFA 3318)
HIST 2385
Modern Latin America (CFA 3319)
HIST 3301
Human Rights: America’s Dilemma (CF 3317)
HIST 3305
The Hispanos of New Mexico, 1848-Present (CF 3318)
HIST 3308
History of Hispanics in the U.S. Through Film (CF 3320)
HIST 3315
Modern South Asia: Colonialism and Nationalism
HIST 3316
History of Sex in America: An Introduction (CF 3311)
HIST 3322
Native American History (CFB 3322)
HIST 3323
History of Islam in South Asia (CFB 3323)
HIST 3326
The Venture of Islam (CF 3310)
HIST 3329
Women in Early Modern Europe (CF 3322)
HIST 3330
Women in Modern European History
HIST 3348
American Families:  Changing Experiences and Expectations (CFA 3348)
HIST 3355
Class and Gender in Ancient Society (CF 3325)
HIST 3357
Joan of Arc: History, Literature & Film (CF 3363,ENGL 3371)
HIST 3363
The Holocaust (CF 3306)
HIST 3369
Colonial America
HIST 3379
Culture in New Mexico (CFA 3325)
HIST 3387
Asia and the West (CF 3315)
HIST 3392
The African Diaspora:  Literature and History of Black Liberation (CF 3349, WL 3349)
HIST 3393
China in Revolution
HIST 3394
The New Woman:  The Emergence of Modern Womanhood in the U.S., 1890-1930
HIST 3398
Women in Chinese History
HIST 3401
The Good Society (CF 3401)
HIST 4304
At the Crossroads: Genders & Sexuality in New Mexico
MDVL 3352
Ideas and Ideals of Gender in the Middle Ages (CF 3352)
MUHI 3340
Jazz: Tradition and Transformation
PHIL 3305
Philosophy and Gender
PLSC 3345
Governments and Politics of the Middle East
PLSC 3346
Governments and Politics of Japan and Korea
PLSC 3348
Governments and Politics of Latin America
PLSC 3351
Russia: Politics and Society
PLSC 3352
Chinese Politics
PLSC 3358
Government and Politics of Russia
PLSC 3370
Women and Politics
PLSC 4322
Latino Politics (CFA 3326)
PLSC 4334
The Politics and Legacies of the Civil Rights Movement
PLSC 4339
Women and the Law
PLSC 4341
Comparative Rights and Representation (CFA 3304)
PLSC 4343
Nationalism and Minorities in Europe (Copenhagen)
PLSC 4353
Governments and Politics of South and Southeast Asia
PLSC 4354
The Third World and North-South Relations
PLSC 4358
Soviet Politics: Revolution to Revolution
PLSC 4386
Issues of U.S.-East Asia Relations
PSYC 3371
Psychology of Women
RELI 1303
Introduction to Eastern Religions
RELI 1305
Introduction to Primal Religions
RELI 3306
Introduction to the Hindu Tradition
RELI 3307
Introduction to Buddhism
RELI 3321
Religion and the Holocaust (CF 3332)
RELI 3323
Modern Jewish Thought
RELI 3324
The Jewish Experience in America
RELI 3329
Introduction to Islam
RELI 3336
African-American Religious History
RELI 3352
Love and Death in Ancient Mythology (CF 3346)
RELI 3353
Borderlands: Latino/a Religions in the United States (CFB 3353)
RELI 3360
The History of Judaism
RELI 3362
Islam and the West
RELI 3364
Native-American Religion and Mythology (CF 3372)
RELI 3365
Understanding the Self:  East and West (CF 3339)
RELI 3366
Magic, Myth, and Religion Across Cultures (ANTH 3366)
RELI 3368
Wholeness and Holiness: Religion and Healing Across Cultures (CF 3368)
RELI 3374
Female and Male in Religion and Culture
RELI 3375
Wives, Lovers, Mothers, Queens: Expressions of the Feminine Divine in World Religions and Cultures (CF 3343)
RELI 3376
Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in South Asian Religions (CF 3344)
RELI 3377
Cultural History of Tibet (CF 3399)
RELI 3380
Women and Religion in America
RELI 3382
Mysticism, East and West
RELI 3384
Hinduism and Colonial Encounters (CFB 3384)
RELI 3385
Philosophies of India
SOCI 3301
Health, Healing and Ethics: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on  Sickness and Society (ANTH 3301, CFB 3301)
SOCI 3305
Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. (CFA 3310, ETST 2301)
SOCI 3351
Marriage and the Family
SOCI 3355
Family Conflict
SOCI 3368
Urban Life: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
SOCI 3372
Chicanos in the Southwest
SOCI 3383
Race, Culture and Social Policy in the Southwest (CF 3385)
SPAN 3374
Spanish-American Civilization
SPAN 5315
Spanish-American Literature to 1888
SPAN 5316
Spanish-American Literature since 1888
SPAN 5317
The Literature of Mexico
SPAN 5336
The Spanish-American Novel
SPAN 5337
The Spanish-American Essay
SPAN 5338
The Spanish-American Short Story
SPAN 5339
Spanish-American Poetry
SPAN 5365
Contemporary Spanish Women Writers
SPAN 5375
Latin American Women Writers
THEA 4351
Historical Cultures within Theatrical Design (CF 3354)
THEA 4381-84
Gender in Performance: Cultural and Ethical Issues (CF 3323)
WGST 2308
Revisions: Woman as Thinker, Artist And Citizen (CFA 3308)
WGST 2309
Lesbian and Gay Literature and Film:  Minority Discourse and Social Power (CFA 3309)
WGST 2322
Gender: Images and Perspectives (CFA 3302)
WGST 2380
Human Sexuality (CFA 3303)
WGST 3347
Figuring the Feminine (CF 3347, WL 3363)
WGST 3370
Women in the Southwest (CF 3370, ENGL 3364)
WGST 3381
Modern Myth Making: Studies in the Manipulation of  Imagery (CF 3381, ARHS 4371)
WGST 3382
Women's Body Politics (CFA 3382)
WL 3302
Ethno-Violence: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (CFB 3350)
WL 3305
Special Topics: Latin-American Literature in Translation
WL 3310
Transnational Chinese Cinema (CF 3390)
WL 3323
Russian Culture (CFA 3320, HIST 2323)
WL 3325
Perspectives on Modern China (CF 3365)
WL 3349
The African Diaspora:  Literature and History of Black Liberation (CF 3349, HIST 3392)
WL 3363
Figuring the Feminine (CF 3347, WGST 3347)