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General Education Curriculum

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Welcome to the General Education Curriculum

Summary of General Education Experience

At Southern Methodist University, the philosophical basis for our undergraduate curriculum is our steadfast belief that the liberal arts are central to the goals of higher education.  The Master Plan of 1963 articulated the University's educational commitment as follows:  "The essence of the educational philosophy which undergirds the Master Plan is that professional studies must rise from the solid foundation of a basic liberal education.  The aim of this University, in other words, is to educate its students, as worthy human beings and as citizens, first, and as teachers, lawyers, ministers, research scientists, businessmen, engineers, and so on, second."

Students graduating from Southern Methodist University must successfully complete courses in written English, quantitative reasoning, information technology and science and technology.  In addition, recognizing the rapidly changing sources of knowledge, students are asked to take courses in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies.  Finally, our students must choose one of the more than eighty majors approved in the four undergraduate schools.

I. Fundamentals   
    1. Rhetoric (Written English)     6 hours 
    2. Mathematical Sciences  3 hours 
    3. Information Technology  3 hours
II.  Wellness   2 hours
III.  Science and Technology*  6 hours
IV.  Perspectives  15 hours
V. Cultural Formations  6 hours
VI.  Human Diversity  3 Co-Curricular hours
TOTAL   41 hours

*NOTE: (Students must take two courses in Science and Technology; at least one must be in the field of biology, chemistry, geological sciences, physics, or CEE 1331, and no more than one may be from the other Science and Technology category)