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Service Learning and ACE

ACE is interested in being a resource for faculty interested in using service learning in their courses. Here you will find examples of how service learning can be implemented in a course as well as relevant resources about the pedagogy. 

Examples of courses where service learning has effectively been used include:

  • SOCI 2310H- Introduction to Sociology: For this course students read a general text and a reader, in addition to Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozal and The Agony of Education by Joe R. Feagin. Service learning took place at two elementary schools, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. Students made connections between the reading material, their own experience, and the service work. 
  • SOCI 4399- Sociology of Aging: For this course students read a general text and a reader, in addition to Granny @ Work by Karen E. Riggs and Aging with Grace by David Snowdon. Service learning took place at an assisted living facility, Juliette Fowler Homes. Students made connections between the reading material and the service work.
  • CF 3404A- Social Class and Democracy: This course requires various reading materials and students generally read about various types of social inequality based on such characteristics as race, social class differences, sex, disability, sexuality, etc. Students then have the option to do service work at one of four service agencies including Catholic Charities of Dallas, InterFaith Housing Coalition, Thriving Minds, and I Have A Dream. 

Here are teaching materials (course syllabi) used in each of the three courses mentioned.  

Additionally you may find a PowerPoint presentation about service learning made at the 2012 UNT Equity and Diversity Conference.  

The research articles cited in the PowerPoint presentation can also be accessed here.
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