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Hunt Leadership Scholars Program


Monica Finnegan


Monica Finnegan

Monica is a Senior from St. Louis, Missouri. She is a pursuing degrees in Business and Communications.

High School Leadership Activities & Experiences:

  • Editor-in-Chief of School Newspaper
  • Elected Speaker of the House in Missouri’s Youth-in-Government
  • Class President

SMU Accomplishments

  • Chief of Staff of SMU Student Senate
  • Virginia-Snider Honors Hall RA
  • Alpha Chi Omega, Chair of Campus Involvement
  • SMU-in-Taos Ambassador
  • Honor Council
  • Mustang Corral Leader

What do you like most about being a Hunt Scholar?

My best friends are Hunt Scholars. And it's not a coincidence because this program brings similar people together. I enjoy being involved so it's great to be surrounded by others who are of the same mindset. We push each other to be the best that we can, and that's why I love being a Hunt Scholar.