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Hunt Leadership Scholars Program



Blake Ann Seeker

Name: Blake Ann Seeker
Hometown: Austin, Texas
High School Name: St. Michael’s Catholic Academy
Classification: Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Undecided

High School Accomplishments:

  • Executive Student Council President
  • Valedictorian of the graduating class of 2012
  • St. Michael’s Catholic Academy Leadership Service Award, Class of 2012

SMU Accomplishments

  • SMU Cheer Squad 2012-2013
  • SMU Cheer Squad 2012-2013 Scholarship Recipient
  • University Honors Program

What do you like most about being a Hunt Scholar?

My favorite part about being a Hunt Scholar is belonging to a community and a cause bigger than myself. I look forward to becoming a more proficient leader through this program, as well. Most importantly, I am filled with gratitude for the Hunt family and am humbled by this opportunity to serve my new family of Mustangs!