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Hunt Leadership Scholars Program



Jared McCluskey

Name: Jared McCluskey
Hometown:Fort Worth, Texas
High School Name: Lake Country Christian School
Classification: Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Double Major in Finance and Economics with Financial Applications

High School Accomplishments:

  • 2011-2012 Governor of Texas Youth and Government
  • High School Salutatorian
  • Coca-Cola Scholar

SMU Accomplishments

  • Chair of Student Senate Endowment Committee
  • Mustang Mavericks Country-Western Dance Team
  • First-Year Student Senator
  • Founding member of the SMU Entrepreneurship Club

What do you like most about being a Hunt Scholar?

In John C. Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Maxwell titles his ninth law as the “Law of Magnetism,” which states that strong leaders attract other leaders and “who [one] is is who [one] will attract.” Being a Hunt Scholar has epitomized the Law of Magnetism through instantly connecting me with some of the most outgoing, ambitious, and leadership-oriented students at SMU. The bonds I have made in only the first few weeks are already beginning to develop into friendships that will surely last a lifetime. I am very blessed by the opportunities the Hunt program grants me and am thankful for the generosity of the Hunt family in their endeavor to bring more student leaders to campus.