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Environmental research at SMU brings together faculty and students to solve problems ranging from climate change to water and air pollution, seeking solutions ranging from climate change to water and air pollution, seeking solutions ranging from environmental economics to alternative energy. 

SMU has a large and active research faculty who are leaders in many fields.  Visit our Research Blog to read updates on all the research being conducted at SMU, including many projects related to sustainability. Following is a sampling of some of these studies.

Geothermal Energy at SMU

Researchers in SMU's geothermal energy lab are investigating new industries to branch into geothermal research in. Click here to read an article from Renewable Energy World featuring SMU's geothermal energy lab. 

Will Geothermal Energy Be the New "Texas Tea?"

Drilling for oil and gas is a watery business:  If you don't hit water while drilling, odds are it's going to be necessary to inject water to break up the surrounding rock.  The nuisance water that spews from these drilling operations is a hidden resource, says SMU's renowned geothermal team.  Run the wastewater that has conveniently heated by the earth through the right kind of pump, and you'll produce electricity at the well head.  [More...]

Assessment of geothermal heat in South and East Texas

SMU's geothermal team recently completed an assessment for the Texas State Conservation Office that found enough geothermal heat in South and East Texas to supply the state with clean, renewable, affordable energy for hundreds of years.  SMU research has proven the vast potential for producing electricity by circulating groundwater through a pump specially designed to produce turbine-driving vapor at relatively low temperatures.  [More...]

Is Natural Gas Production in Barnett Shale producing smog?

Researchers at the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering have conducted the first comprehensive analysis of air emissions associated with natural gas and oil production in the Barnett Shale finds in North Texas.  The study finds that these emissions might be a significant contributor to smog formation in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  [More...]

Earth and Climate Research

Plant and Animal Research