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Strategic Plan

About SMU

Goal Two: To Improve Teaching And Learning

For a university to be well regarded by its wide range of stakeholders, an embedded value of the institution must be a deep commitment to its core mission of teaching and learning. This commitment occurs through formal processes such as program review, teaching evaluation, and assistance in the learning and practice of pedagogical advances. It also occurs by faculty being actively involved with students in and out of the classroom, laboratory, and studio, as well as service activities throughout the community.

Goal Two Objectives

Objective One: Enhancement of teaching and learning through curricula, pedagogies, programs, and methodologies informed by research, along with utilization of advanced technologies.

Objective Two: Ongoing critical review of programs to ensure excellence through enhanced academic expectations and rigorous academic evaluation, accommodating new educational ventures and implementing discontinuance procedures for those inconsistent with the University’s focus

Objective Three: Review of General Education requirements and how they prepare SMU students for citizenship and leadership roles in an educated society.

Objective Four: Enhancement of Honors Programs and Societies in graduate and undergraduate degree programs.

Objective Five: Enhancement of academic expectations and the rigor of academic evaluation.