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Strategic Plan

About SMU

Goal One: To Enhance The Academic Quality And Reputation Of The University

The quality of a university is measured by the quality of its faculty, staff, students, libraries and facilities. These are – and always will be – the primary areas where qualitative growth and development are essential. For SMU to fulfill its goal of becoming one of the nation’s finest educational institutions, distinguished faculty appointments must be made at the senior and junior ranks. A concomitant rise in the profile of our students is equally important. Both of these elements will require additional endowments that enable the University to make permanent progress.

Goal One Objectives

Objective One: Recruitment and appointment of distinguished faculty in the senior ranks and gifted scholars/researchers/creative artists in the junior ranks.

Objective Two: Development, evaluation, and retention of a diverse faculty through competitive compensation, an environment conducive to teaching and research, externally funded support, and effective annual performance review.

Objective Three: Enhancement of the University’s ability to recruit, retain, and graduate academically and creatively gifted students.

Objective Four: Recruitment and retention of staff who are competent and professional.

Objective Five: Strengthening of the University Library System as the heart of academic excellence.

Objective Six: Fostering an open, collaborative, diverse community.

Objective Seven: Integration of the Legacy and Taos campuses and additional facilities on the main campus as essential components of academic programming.

Objective Eight: Enhancement of the stature of the University as a result of academic programs that are organized for community outreach as well as SMU’s own constituency.