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Strategic Plan

About SMU

Goal Four: To Support And Sustain Student Development And Quality Of Life

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to developing opportunities for students to become productive citizens and leaders through the creation of environments that are both supportive and challenging. These opportunities will contribute to the students’ intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, cultural, moral, and emotional growth by engaging them with the widest range of persons inside and outside of the University. Within this overall framework, intercollegiate athletic programs will continue to operate with integrity, to achieve high graduation rates for student athletes, and to provide competitive opportunities at the highest NCAA level.

Goal Four Objectives

Objective One: Support for a living/learning environment that enhances personal exploration and growth.

Objective Two: Enhancement of critical student life programs related to student retention and growth.

Objective Three: Expansion and strengthening of student leadership development opportunities.

Objective Four: Enhancement of student intern programs throughout the University.

Objective Five: Strengthening of intercollegiate sports programs to be more nationally competitive.