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Strategic Plan

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Goal Five: To Broaden Global Perspectives

Today’s students must be prepared to live and work in an emerging global environment. The intermingling of cultures, the complexities of financial strategies, the economies of strikingly different nations, and the plight of the world’s poor are but a few of the conditions awaiting the intellect, skill, and zeal of our graduates. The University is obligated by its trust and mission to prepare students for living in the dynamic and challenging times they will encounter.

Goal Five Objectives

Objective One: Reorganization and realignment of the international programs of the University.

Objective Two: Review of present and development of new internationally oriented consortial agreements consistent with SMU’s academic goals.

Objective Three: Expansion of emphasis on global content in curricula across the University.

Objective Four: Enhancement of strategies that increase the international representation of students and faculty.

Objective Five: Strengthening of international studies within the overall curriculum.