SMU Facts

SMU Facts


The true measure of a university’s impact is the quality of the people associated with it. SMU alumni have applied their education to become leaders in their professions and communities locally, nationally and globally. SMU alumni currently number approximately 117,000, with 45,000 in the DFW area.

Law and public service

  • U.S. ambassadors, members of Congress and former First Lady of the United States
  • A state governor and state legislators and Supreme Court justices
  • Pioneer for women’s legal rights in Texas
  • Foreign ministers and members of the highest courts worldwide

Science and technology

  • Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Inventor of modern computer memory
  • Pioneers in the treatment of breast cancer, diabetes and Gulf War Syndrome

Corporate leaders and entrepreneurs

  • Leaders of national and multinational companies in the fields of energy, investments, banking, health care and shipping
  • Entrepreneurial businessman donating shoes to children in need around the world
  • CEOs of Fortune 50 companies


  • President of a major university, academic deans at distinguished universities, assistant U.S. Secretary of Education, chair of a national math and science initiative and heads of major museums


  • Winners of Olympic medals, NBA players, a Heisman Trophy winner and five members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Players in each of the past three NFL championships
  • Developer of the term “Super Bowl”


  • Winners of Tony, Grammy, Emmy and Academy awards, as well as the Pulitzer Prize
  • Legendary television producer
  • Artists with works in collections of leading national museums


  • Generous and visionary leaders providing support to diverse community organizations and programs
  • Recipient of all three top national awards for philanthropy


  • Leaders of churches, service agencies, missions and ministries around the world
  • Founder of a church that became the largest social services provider in San Francisco