Hope Anderson

“The March Continues” for Hope Anderson

The 2017 SMU graduate has received a John Lewis Fellowship that will address some of Atlanta’s biggest social problems. Read more.

DISD teachers learn to engage kids in hands-on science at SMU

At an SMU STEM summer program, 18 middle-schoolers of a different sort will shoot off rockets, kayak the Trinity River and collect data on animals at the Dallas Zoo.

SMU Reads Program to share Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Evicted

As incoming SMU students prepare to settle into their on-campus homes, they will examine the life experiences of those who can't afford to stay in theirs.

SMU names Associate Provost for Continuing Education

Larenda Mielke, an international leader in professional, online, and executive education, will be the first person to hold the new position, created to support a major objective in the University’s strategic plan.

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Orientation at SMU, which begins in late June, is a two-step process. Through Academic Advising, Registration, & Orientation (AARO) & Mustang Corral, our mission is to prepare students for life at SMU.

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